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The Violation Fine Table below represents the latest rules and regulations that approved by the
members and adopted by the board of directors. These published rules and regulations govern the use of
the common properties and the personal conduct of the residents and their guests. The board may in their
discretion, suspend the rights of any such person for violation of such rules and regulations after following
the procedure outlined herein.


  • Late Dues $50

  • All vehicles must obey posted community traffic controls and signals and posted speed limits. Reckless Driving is not permitted $100.

  • No ATVs on Community roads or Common Areas areas including Section 5 $50/$100/$250

  • Per Pennsylvania Law, NO unregistered vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, etc.) in plain view. $100 per vehicle/instance

  • Illegal parking*. $50 per occurrence

  • Hunting is not permitted within the boundary of the Community. Authorities will be notified. $500

  • Per Pennsylvania Code NO unleashed Animals $50/$200/Pet Removal

  • Too Many Animals (Maximum of four pets) $100

  • Barking dogs $100

  • Improper use of Common Property (i.e. Parking from dusk to dawn) $500

  • Littering, Dumping or polluting $500

  • Failure to meet building construction codes in Schedule A $2,000

  • Soliciting (includes the posting of realtor signage on Common Property) $250

* Parking of vehicles is limited to excavated driveways within the owner’s property. Parking on the
road or easements is prohibited. The first offense will result in a warning followed by a fine for each subsequent offense. Parking of cars on the road during occasional gatherings is excluded.

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