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PHCA Facebook Page: User Conduct Guidelines

To avoid having your account banned, please be respectful of others on this board. We are all for debates and heated conversations, but we do not allow personal attacks, insults or obscenities. Remember to stick to the topic on hand and debate the topic's merits or flaws – not those of the individual poster(s).

The following actions may result in post deletions, private warnings and/or restricted access:

• Attacks based on someone’s race, religion, age, ethnic origin, gender and/or sexual orientation or political affiliation

• Vulgar, obscene or hateful content and language

• Legal threats against a board user

• Sharing another poster’s personal information (phone number, address, et cetera)

• Content or links to content that contains pornography or viruses that may damage someone else's computer

• Hyperlinks to sites that violate the terms of service

• Impersonating another person

• Content or behavior that violates any applicable laws

• Content or behavior that interferes with the operation of the site or with another member's ability to use the site

• Evading site controls such as bans, or otherwise disregarding the directions of the page moderators or administrator

​Our objective is to foster a community of neighbors and friends, sharing advice and support in a friendly, inclusive environment. Unfortunately, in some very rare cases, we come across an individual or situation that we feel takes away from the goals of the community.

To protect the interests of the community, we reserve the right to:

• Delete/edit messages

• Ban/suspend users at our discretion

• Restrict or limit accounts


Taking away posting privileges is not taken lightly and only done after the admins and community requests for change are ignored. As well, we reserve the right to contact Facebook Administration if the poster is deliberately and maliciously posting falsehoods, obscenities, insults or attacks and has chosen to ignore the moderator's warnings. Post deletions and user bans will not be discussed by moderators in the public forum, but are logged, and will be addressed directly with the individuals involved.

The PHCA takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed and advice exchanged on this or linked pages; we are unable to check any facts and therefore cannot attest to the accuracy of information contained in any conversation thread. Please remember when posting, that in “message board-speak” ALL CAPS means you are yelling (and is difficult to read). Please use discretion when using uppercase words in your posts. (We understand that you may want to use them infrequently to indicate that you are excited about something!) If you suspect that a user or post is violating these Conduct Guidelines, please report the post or user to the Administrative Team so we can look into the situation further and take appropriate action as needed.

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