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Current Resident (“Renting Party”) agrees to:


 Assume 100% responsibility for the conduct of all guests attending the event.
 Remain at the Clubhouse for the duration of the rental period until all guests have departed the event.
 Inform guests of designated parking spots.
 Be considerate of neighbors at all times.
 Use of the facility must end at the indicated time.
 Limit noise/music levels so that they comply with state and local laws and do not disturb residents.
 No smoking inside Clubhouse.
 No firearms are permitted on the premises unless authorized by law.
 Abide by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania as they relate to the serving and consumption of all alcoholic beverages.
 Lock door and place key in the drop-box immediately following the event. A lost Clubhouse key will result in a fee of $50.00 to be assessed of the homeowner for lock replacement.
 Notify the community manager of any problems encountered and any damage to Clubhouse and/or grounds during use.
 Clean the Clubhouse and surrounding grounds immediately following the event. The Renting Part is responsible for proper cleanup of the facilities and for any damages. The Renting Party will be charged the costs of any necessary cleanup and for any and all repairs. No deposit will be returned until the premises are cleaned as required and the premises are inspected by the community manager.
 Any repair costs, fines or charges in excess of the $100.00 deposit shall be posted to the Renting Party’s account.
 Agrees by signinging below that he/she has been legally notified of the fees, fines and charges under the specified
conditions stated within this agreement. He/she may request in writing a hearing before the community manager within
thirty (30) days of the posting of any fee, fine or charge to the Renting Party’s account as a result of this rental

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