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ByLaws Update Committee Page

Welcome to the official ByLaws Update Informational Page


Summary of PHCA ByLaws Revision​ 01/07 2018 Submitted by Bylaws Committee
A draft of Bylaws is prepared that will be finalized after Jan 24, 2018- due date for input from PHCA members.Just a Friendly reminder that there is a special meeting being held at the Clubhouse on June 24th at 1pm. This meeting is being held to read for the 2nd time the proposed changes to the bylaws. We will be glad to answer any questions and explain what the changes mean. It would be an excellent time to become more aware of our guidelines in the community. Every owner in Good standing will have the opportunity to vote on the bylaws. Official ballots will be mailed the first part of July.
Get involved. If you have neighbors who you know are not on facebook please share this info with them.
Thank you for your time!!

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